Being a “Real World Mystic”

My life is chaotic, passionate, demanding, and full – of kids, of marriage, of community, of growth, of Spirit…..of LIFE! It’s a constant battle to maintain balance, and I wouldn’t change it for anything because, even with the pain and headaches, it is what makes me truly ME.

And it is because of these life experiences that I learned to develop my spiritual abilities and balance them with practical life demands. Spirit can be overwhelming, confusing, and even frightening…but it doesn’t have to be. It connects you with the world around you in ways you never realized were possible. 

I found my way, and I can help you find yours.

My journey was not simple or straightforward. Though I was born with a heightened awareness of Spirit and energy, I did not understand it. I had no one to show me and no books to help me. I fought my abilities. I tried to hide them. I tried to ignore them. I tried to blend them into more “normal” parts of life, but nothing worked. Because Spirit always finds a way.

In 2005, my father died from lung and bone cancer. The experience of feeling his pain, even when he couldn’t feel it due to medication; feeling his energy fighting to break free of his body, even though he seemed to sleep soundly; seeing his energy peacefully leave the room, even with his body taking its final breaths – it was a turning point for me. When it was over I had the biggest smile on my face because I was so overwhelmed with joy, and I wanted to share that with my mourning family. I knew then Spirit was calling me to a different path and purpose.

Today I am a Spiritual Author and Teacher, Intuitive Mentor, Reiki Master Teacher, Medium, and Mystic. I bring Ancient Wisdom back to light in the Modern World, showing people how to reconnect with the world of Spirit and Energy for transformative realignment and intuitive awakening.  

It is my mission to re-light the way, to clear away the fog, so YOU can reach the fullness of your potential. 

Are YOU ready?