About Me

Caralyn Oakley

Real World Mystic

Throughout my life, I have had a strong connection to energy and spirit. As early as 6yrs old, I was communicating with spirit. The older I got, the more I saw, heard, felt, and knew more than those around me. No one could explain what I experienced. I was made fun of and called names, even by those closest to me. So I fought, ignored, and tried to explain away these abilities and experiences. The universe had other plans.

In early 2004, I lost my first child. I had felt the energy inside me shift. I knew her vibration…and then it was gone. I was scared, worried, and in pain. I was also intrigued when that feeling would come back to me. I knew there was no baby in my arms, but I also knew I could feel her soul.

Then in 2005, I lost my father to complications of lung and bone cancer. I was present from the time he was put on life support until he took his final breaths. I felt his pain even when his body couldn’t anymore. I felt his soul trying to break free of his body even while he slept. I knew when he was no longer in his body, but I also felt the overwhelming joy carried in his soul.

These experiences showed me that I was being called to a different path than I originally planned. All of this made me who I am today.

I am:
  • An INTUITIVE who sees energy in color,
  • A MEDIUM who connects with spirit,
  • A MENTOR who helps people through spiritual awakening and soul alignment,
  • And also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Gyan Reiki founder with a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling.

I put all my ablities, my life lessons, and my learning to work helping clients to discover their soul’s truest vibration. Together we connect all the pieces so they can embrace their soul’s mission for their life and for the world.

You can find me at any of the above links when you are ready to do the work.