Inquiring Mystics

Making Spirit & Energy accessible for the Seeker

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Welcome, Seeker, to the first step on your Mystic Journey! From this point on, you can consider yourself an Inquiring Mystic, actively engaged in developing your intuitive abilities.

My goal is to help you to gain control of your energy and your space so you can interact with Spirit and Energy in an intentional positive way. To do this, I offer the following:

Your Energy, Your Rules

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An intuitive development workbook covering the basics of Energy, chakras, Spirit, abilities, and MORE with practical exercises to guide you on the beginning steps of your mystic journey.

Visit Amazon to order.


The Silver Spiral Meditation

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An advanced level guided meditation on the chakras, as mentioned in “Your Energy, Your Rules.” View here.

Private Training Sessions

One-on-one intuitive mentoring for intermediate and advanced level intuitive practitioners wanting additional development of their abilities and their use.

1hr sessions, 4 sessions minimum. NOT for certification of abilities. Click HERE to schedule.

Inquiring Mystics on Facebook

A group dedicated to sharing experiences, getting feedback, and supporting others on their mystic journey. Visit Facebook to join.