Connecting with Spirit


By taking the time to connect with Spirit, you are tapping into the universal knowledge of the universe to receive input, perspective, guidance, and healing that would have been unavailable otherwise. Each reading and/or healing is a unique experience because they are specific to YOUR energy flow, the Spirit(s) present around you, and what information they choose to provide in that moment.

I specialize in SOUL COLOR Readings & Soul Color Intuitive Sessions.

def Soul Color

By connecting to YOUR ENERGY, I am able to see the color. This color, like all energy color, indicates what kind of energy it is – in other words, it tells us your purpose in this lifetime. When I begin to intuitively assess YOUR ENERGY, I begin to get input from your specific Spirit Guides. They are the ones who provide information about how I should draw the image, how to interpret it for you, and also any other information they feel you need to know to heal, gain perspective, and reach your fullest potential.

The result is a 4×6″ personalized drawing, Spirit Guide interpretation, intuitive recommendations, and a Soul Color Reference Card. AD Cards

The Soul Color Reference Cards include a brief description and tips to apply your Soul Color in your life so you can live more aligned.

Soul Color Intuitive Sessions build on your initial Soul Color Reading to provide additional guidance about past, present, or future situations as they relate to your Soul Color’s expression.


I also offer the following services to help Inquiring Mystics connect with Spirit:

def Medium

Mediumship Readings involve connecting to the presence of Spirit around an individual, couple, or group. They can also include assessment of the presence of Spirit within a room, building, or space. Cleansing may be recommended if the entities are deemed to be negative or unwanted.


AD reiki 2

Reiki Energy Healing involves connecting to pure Source Energy to provide healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This process is facilitated by the healer but guided by the recipient.



I offer all these services in-person, by distance, and at special events & fairs.

I see clients EVERY WEDNESDAY at New Age Center. Reserve your appointment by contacting them by phone at (316) 512-1312. 

For other appointments, in person or by distance, contact me to schedule.

Visit my Events Page for details on all upcoming Events & Group Classes. 


Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a reading/healing. Readings/healings are not done without the consent of the recipient and are not to be substituted for legal or medical advice. No guarantees are given.
Location Wichita, KS E-mail Hours Appointments available In Person & By Distance
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