Thanks to our military life, I have lived in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, New York, Missouri, and Virginia. I’m currently living in Germany, which is giving me a chance to reconnect with the energy of my ancestors. Thanks to technology, I am able to offer all my services ONLINE and reach you from anywhere!

I use my abilities to Reflect Your soul’s truest vibration – in color. Together we will connect all the pieces so you can embrace your soul’s mission for your life and for the world.

Step one:

Soul Sefirah Color Reading

This is where you begin to get clarity and answers. Together with your Spirit Guides, I will DRAW an image of how your soul vibration flows and give you insight into it’s abilities, health, and purpose.

Three packages are available:

  • Individual Reading – 30min for $97
  • Couple Reading – 1hr for $187
  • Family Reading – 1.5hr for $247

Step two, option 1:

Soul alignment guidance

This options is where you get the concrete steps you need to embrace your soul vibration. In these 1hr sessions we will review what has and has not worked in the past, rediscover the true meaning of alignment for you, address any energy healing needs, and learn to put your soul energy into action.

  • 1:1 Guidance – 6 sessions for $1845
  • Group Guidance – 6 sessions for $1245

Step two, option 2:

Awakening mentorship

This option is where you get the guidance you need to connect to spirit intentionally and purposefully. In these 1hr sessions we will delve into any experiences you are having or have had and how to respond, how to use your natural intuitive abilities, address any energy healing needs, and set some goals for energy care and continued connection with spirit.

  • 1:1 Mentoring – 6 sessions for $1845
  • Group Mentoring – 6 sessions for $1245

Caralyn is a lovely human who brings compassion and a genuine desire to help to her readings. She has an undeniable gift and I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get in touch with spirit.

Sheena M.

Still unsure? Still have Questions? Book a free reflection call!

Don’t forget, you can get your copy of my energy workbook any time on Amazon. It contains simple, straightfoward lessons and practical exercises to give you a foundation you can build from.

COMING THIS FALL – Your Super Powers, Your Rules: A Kid’s Guide for Intuitive Development

If you have a spiritually gifted child, this guide is for them! It contains easy-to-understand text and simple beginner exercises to help them learn to understand their abilities.