Soul Color Energy

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Your Soul is more than mere energy. Your Soul is a spark of Divine Essence within you, the motivating force for your existence at this specific time in this specific place. Your Soul’s TYPE and VIBRATION affect every layer of your existence.

This the key, the answer, the thing you’ve been missing. This is why your life doesn’t look or feel at all like you thought it would – physically ill and feeling older than you are, mentally stressed and feeling overwhelmed, lacking passion and vitality for life. Your Soul isn’t functioning the way it was designed.

You weren’t created to live like this!

When you become truly aware of your Soul’s natural, healthy vibration you can begin to live the life you were truly meant for – physically and mentally whole, goal-oriented, with a passion and PURPOSE for your life!


All ENERGY has COLOR – and your Soul is no exception. But the Color isn’t about beauty; it’s about function. Your Soul Color tells you what kind of energy your Soul is made of and what it is here to accomplish. Since your life purpose does not change, your Soul Color is CONSTANT throughout this lifetime and WILL NEVER CHANGE.

Because your Energy Body is fused with your Mental and Physical Bodies, it affects their functioning as well. Your Soul Color will also tell you the cause of your mental and physical symptoms by the way your Soul is vibrating.

Discovering Your Soul Color

My clairvoyant abilities allow me to SEE your Soul Color when I connect to your Energy. When I focus on this Color and begin to pull the intention forward, my clairaudient and mediumship abilities allow me to CONNECT with and HEAR your Spirit Guides. They tell me how to take your Soul Color and Vibration and turn it into a color drawing, a mirror image of your Soul. My knowledge of Energy Color combined with input from your Spirit Guides provides the interpretation of that image.

Here are just a few examples of the hundreds I have drawn. No 2 are ever alike (and that’s my favorite part)!

soul color sample.jpg

Initial Soul Color Assessment

This 1-hour session includes a 4×6 drawing of your Soul Color, the interpretation and intuitive messages from Spirit, and a Reference Card like the one below.

AD Cards

This will help you to begin clearing away things that are working against you and to harness the things that are working for you!

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Soul Color Counseling & Spirit Guidance

In these 1-hour sessions we will delve deeper, discovering the steps you need to take to align your life with the healthiest vibration of your Soul:

  1. How to apply your Soul Color in your home life:
    • Making color-aligned choices
    • Improving relationships
    • Managing stress, anger, depression, anxiety, and fear
    • Addressing pain, dis-ease, and chronic illness
    • Boundary-setting and Energy Self-Care
    • Color-aligned use of healing crystals and essential oils
  2. How to apply your Soul Color in your professional life:
    • Assessing current career goals
    • Setting color-aligned goals
    • Improving work relationships
    • Managing work/life balance
  3. Addressing Energy Healing needs:
    • Realigning and/or repairing the Energy Body and Soul Color
    • Removing blockages to healthy Energy vibration
  4. Harnessing your Soul Color for Intuitive Development:
    • Discovering your natural intuitive strengths and weaknesses
    • Learning to connect to Spirit and access this knowledge through your Soul Color
  5. And, of course, any additional information your Spirit Guides wish for you to know about your life path and purpose!

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