from Spark to Flame

Connecting Holistic Practitioners with their Divine Essence for transformative realignment of practice and path


from Spark to Flame

Provides an in-depth look at your unique Soul Color and trains you to apply it to achieve personal alignment as well as fulfillment of your highest potential, personally and professionally. Each level is a mystic journey of self-exploration and awakening requiring both independent study and group practice.

Level 1: Sparks Unknown

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Begins with a personalized 1hour Soul Color Reading to identify your unique Soul Color – your Divine Spark. Followed by Level 1 text which covers: Colors of Energy, Concealment, Revelation, and Elevation of your personal Energy. Concludes with Level 1 workshop to determine Life Purpose and Direction by focusing on your individual Divine Spark.

Level 2: Igniting the Sparks

Begins with a self-analysis of current life path and progress toward goals. Followed by Level 2 text which covers: Mind, Body, Spirit Connections and Achieving Alignment. Concludes with Level 2 workshop to assess Energetic Health and Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness, as well as a Group Energy Healing.

Level 3: Sacred Flame

Begins with a goal-setting session to apply everything you’ve achieved so far to your current life. Followed by Level 3 text which covers: Universality of Energy and Finding Your Place in the Whole. Concludes with Level 3 workshop to discuss Bringing the Inner Self into the Outer World. Continued empowerment provided in the Holistic Flame Group through Monthly Energy Expression Focus and supportive environment of peers.

Are YOU ready to come out of the darkness and into the light?