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Reiki Training involves learning how to facilitate the flow of pure universal energy from Source to the recipient of the healing energy. Training is personalized to allow you to ask questions and practice the concepts to ensure knowledge of and confidence with the Reiki Energy. Training is available in 2 Reiki Healing Systems:

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Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healing: 

This is the original Reiki Healing System developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan during the late 1800s. There are 3 Levels of Training, and all materials, certifications, and attunements are included.

  • Level 1: History of Reiki, Chakras and Energy Flow, Principles of Reiki, Reiki Healing Techniques, Self-Healing, and Direct Healing (3 Sessions)
  • Level 2: Reiki Symbols, Distance Healing, and Additional Energy Vibration (4 Sessions)
  • Master Level: Additional Reiki Symbols, Master Healing Techniques, Passing Attunements, and Challenges of the Reiki Master (4 Sessions)


Gyan logoGyan Reiki Energy Healing for Reiki Master Practitioners:

This system was founded by myself, following a spontaneous attunement in August 2017. It involves blending together the healing vibrations of the Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Seichim Healing Systems into one master healing flow.

There is currently one level of training that takes 3-4 months to complete, and all materials, attunement, and certification are included. This system is for Reiki Masters only because of the quantity of energy harnessed and techniques required within this system. (Trainees who are not yet Reiki Masters may still receive Gyan Reiki Training after completing additional lessons as needed to bring them up to speed.)

  • Master Practitioner Level: History of the Three Blended Energy Systems, History of Gyan Reiki, Principles of Gyan Reiki, Techniques and Symbols, Activating the Gyan Reiki Flow, and Attunement Process


Training is available in person (when available) and by distance (phone or internet). Sessions typically last 1-2 hours each and are offered once per week. Recesses are required between each Level to allow for any post-attunement energy fluctuations to settle before continuing (amount of time varies by student). After training is complete, continued mentoring and guidance is always available through email and/or Facebook. I also encourage all my students to continue to share experiences along their Reiki journey with our Real World Reiki Facebook Group.

If you’re ready to begin learning, click HERE for more information details about scheduling your Reiki Training!

Location Wichita, KS E-mail Hours Appointments available In Person & By Distance
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